You are invited to attend one of the most important meetings ever held in North Dakota.

Friday, November 3rd

4:00pm - 6:00 pm.
(time will include Q&A)

Kelly Inn, Bismarck ND
(the Colonial Room)

Today, America is a nation in great risk.

We, the American citizens, continue to live in danger. The Washington, DC “Deep State” operates against the interests of the people. Shrouded in darkness, it justifies it’s own corruption and actively works against the well being of the people and against the fundamental principles upon which our nation was founded. Vital immigration procedures and border control mechanisms remain unfixed. Jihad and violent threats put America in danger.

Why is nothing being done?

The reason lies deep within the swamps of Washington.

Come and learn this truth – it is truth that sets a people free. Together, we can ensure our families and children are safe.

Join us for this critical national security briefing.

The meeting will include the following speakers:

Mr. Philip Haney

Mr. Jim Simpson

Mrs. Deborah Anderson

Mr. Philip Haney worked as a front line officer, an intelligence expert, and was a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Haney is also the author of “See Something Say Nothing.” Today, Mr. Haney travels the nation telling everything our government has covered up.

Mr. Jim Simpson worked in the White House as a budget examiner with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). He is an expert on the topic of refugee resettlement. Jim is also an investigative journalist working for companies such as World Net Daily. Currently, Mr. Simpson works with Center for Security Policy under its acting President, Mr. Frank J. Gaffney.

Mr. Simpson’s current book, “The Red-Green Axis,” shines a spotlight on how the United Nation’s Human Resettlement Policy – a plan to redistribute, not just wealth but population and land, is being implemented in America.

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This meeting is free of charge. We simply will ask for a free-will offering to help us curb our expenses and to assist us in bringing in more speakers in the future.

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