About Us

Hello, I am Pastor John Boustead, founder of ForOurChildren.care. I have worked in the business arena and been engaged as an activist on many causes over the years. Now I am in my grandfather years, and I spend my time thinking about the legacy we are leaving for our young ones.

Since the events of 9/11, I know we have all reflected on this. During the eight year period with President Obama, we have seen dramatic changes to our nation. I am determined to do what I can to ensure a better and brighter future for all of our grand children. We must restore righteousness and justice in our country.

Questions we all should ask ourselves:

Can moral people survive in an immoral nation? Will they pass on their values to their children while living in an immoral society? Are Americans living in the moral equivalent of Gomorrah? How can young families today successfully pass on true Judeo-Christian moral principles? Sadly, to many today call what is right wrong, and what is wrong right. Some label this as “progressive”. How can a society survive without righteousness? History tells us it cannot survive.

Above all else, is our “Bill of Rights”

Our Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution by our Founding Fathers because they desired to make clear to future generations that their rights are untouchable and absolutely inviolable. No acting government officials may test or pierce any of these inalienable rights. We establish that these rights belonging to “we the people” are supreme and any violation of would be treasonous.

Additional areas of concern

  • The right and protection of life is the first and most fundamental principle of human rights and liberty. It begins from conception to natural death.
  • We must hold elected officials to their oath of office.
  • We must make North Dakota strong by maintaining a strong commitment to our state & federal Constitutions, ensuring our right to self-government and thereby securing our states’ autonomy.
  • We must admit that the federal government has become incompetent in its duty to the American people. Therefore, we must oppose unjust and unconstitutional federal laws, as this is to betterment of our citizens.
  • We must protect North Dakota’s law enforcement from being converted into an arm of any federal police force.
  • We must recognize the U.S. Constitution having sole jurisdiction within this United States and the state of North Dakota. Any foreign legal systems or forms of government will not be acknowledged, recognized or allowed power in the United States and the state of North Dakota. This includes the United Nations, Communism or Islamic Shariah law.
  • We must restore Godly moral principles as the foundation to which all laws are based.